Favorite Ingredients, Small Meals, Part 2

Since New Year’s Eve is a very quiet affair for us, we had a relaxing day, andI had a chance to do my last small meal for the year.  This was a lunch with one new appetizer dish I wanted to try from Food & Wine, plus an avocado/tomato/olive/basil salad, and reheated vegetables from the night before.

3 plates, glass of wine

The new dish I examined as a point of departure was Stuffed Baby Peppers with Yogurt and Floral Honey.  Instead of yogurt, I heated up leftover mashed potatoes in olive oil and spread them on the peppers.  We had an old bottle in the fridge of jalapeno-stuffed green olives, so I sliced those up and used them instead of separate ingredients, and I simply used our local honey to drizzle on.  Cute and tasty dish:

stuffed little peppers


The spiciness of the jalapenos suggested a white wine, so I tried the Schloss Gobelsburg  Gruner Veltliner Tradition, which was already open, for the peppers alone.  Nice match!

Gruner Tradition


salad plate


leftovers closeup


With the whole meal, I opened a bottle of Li Veli Rosato, which we loved at the winery in Puglia last May.

luminous Li Veli Rose

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