Slightly Random Views

We spent a delightful weekend in Portland, Maine, with our friends, Pat and Pete.  Highlights included the Winslow Homer Exhibit at the Museum of Art, Mexican Train ( a dominoes game from San Miguel), a long — and ultimately successful — bout with a New York Times vegan recipe, freshly-made fougasse with seeds from Standard Baking, and two new food sources downtown (Rosemont for produce, Crema for espresso).  I’m only able to offer you brief glimpses of the last two items.

What makes these views slightly random are two other photos I want to include here because they fit nowhere else.  The first is my attempt last week at a Mark Bittman recipe of fried ceci (chickpeas) and greens.  These were notable because in cleaning the pantry, we found some older Italian dried ceci, which we soaked overnight and cooked late the next day.  However, they were still quite small and almost grainy, so I figured they would take to crisping up in a saute pan.  Along with red onion, bits of roasted eggplant, arugula, some pimenton, and a couple of hot Calabrian peppers (to substitute for Bittman’s chorizo), they came out crunch and tasty:

The second photo was bestowed on us by nature last evening, as the remaining rain showers subsided and the clouds rolled eastward.  As I thought about what I was going to make for dinner, I walked over to the dining room window and looked into the shadows at a spectacular double rainbow, which I wanted to share with you:

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