Unexpected Dinner-Making

Good friends of ours took the bold step of inviting us out for dinner tonight, but at the last minute, they had an unexpected water leak in their house and we had to reschedule to next month.   We certainly missed their company and hospitality, and we were left to dinner on our own.

Fortunately, I am constitutionally prepared for such eventualities.  Barbara was happy with her reheated butternut squash soup (to which I added a chopped tomato marinated in oil, red wine vinegar, salt and pepper), and reheated penne with pesto, accompanied by some steamed carrots.

I, however, have been itching to make the Broccoli Rabe I had bought recently on sale ($1.99/lb., about 1/2 price!).  So I had a bowl of the soup, and then made the Broccoli Rabe, boiling it in the pasta water until just barely tender, then sautéing it in garlic, hot peppers, lots of salt and pepper, and about 220 g. of cooked Orrecchiette.  The Calabrian hot red peppers I had purchased at Di Palo’s last week added a marvelous warmth and color without being overwhelming (especially since I removed most of the seeds).  These were sauteed in olive oil with plenty of garlic, and then I added the cooked Orrecchiette plus salt and pepper, and more olive oil.  Perfetto!

Since I was in an indulgent mood, I opened a bottle of 2008 Li Veli Salice Salentino Riserva, Pezzo Morgana, a great find by my local wine merchant, Stephen.  Saluti!

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