New Year’s Eve Party

Holiday Time!  Translation: family, friends, food, wine, party!

It’s always fun to celebrate New Year’s Eve with some close friends, good food and fine wine.  December 31, 2011, was no exception to that rule.  With seven friends, and two days of loving preparation, we were able to welcome the year 2012 in style.

Our favorite vegan recipes dominated, but we also took the opportunity for non-vegan friends to cook one of our favorite lamb dishes, grilled lamb tidbits grilled over a wood fire in the living room fireplace.  The results were fortuitous.

One of Barbara’s clients provided some material which gave new meaning to “tie one on”:

Even the menu writer enjoyed the event, and the opportunity to partner with Bogey:

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1 Response to New Year’s Eve Party

  1. Hank & Edwina says:

    Many thanks to you & Barbara,

    You have outdone yourselves again with this fantastic event. You even gave veganism a good name!

    Hank & Edwina

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