The Hedonistic Vegan

Some of you know me well enough that you would not be at all surprised if I were described as a devout hedonist.  So, you are wondering, how can you possibly square that with being a vegan?  Isn’t that a drab way to eat?

Grape Tomatoes and Kalamata Olives

Corn Bisque with Leek and Potato Chutney at Company of the Cauldron

Field Greens and Red Nasturtium Salad Chez Weiss

But aren’t the people dull and colorless, lacking in humor?

Pumpkin Pond Farm field manager, Josh

Roadside advice


...and worth every penny!

I am happy to report, with these brief illustrations, that I find all of my senses heightened as a vegan.  The textures, colors and flavors of life continue to charm me, whether sitting at the bar in Gramercy Tavern

Negroni at lunch - Gramercy Tavern, NYC

…or contemplating the walkway at my side door on the island.

pathway in the grass, and one dandelion

This is sensuous, fun, AND healthy — all at the same time.

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