NBEJB at J.P. O’Hanlon’s

The New Black Eagle Jazz Band played last night at JP O’Hanlon’s in Ayer last night, as they do the second Thursday of every month.  Best of all, last night, I was there.

Leader Tony Pringle was in fine form, on cornet and the vocals, enthusiastic and knowledgeable as ever.

Stan Vincent on trombone, Billy Novick on clarinet and sax, Bob Pillsbury on piano, Pam on drums, Peter Bullis on banjo, and a very good substitute bass player completed the group…

The effect was magical at times, even without the Wachusett Ale:

The best new song of the repertoire for me was Kansas City Stomps, one that Tony said they had not played for many years:

This recording is on their CD NBEJB 1971-1981, and was recorded in a performance at Chapin Hall,  Mount Holyoke College on October 12, 1979.

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