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White-Tailed Deer in November

Whether it be woods, parks, or suburbs, most anywhere in Massachusetts, you will see white-tailed deer in November. Opinions vary significantly on whether this is a good thing or not. Pros: they look cute, they are good targets for hunting, … Continue reading

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Lunch with Friends in Maine

We have close friends who live in Portland, ME. It’s about a 2-hour drive to go there, so we don’t go often. A better solution is often to meet halfway, which is usually Portsmouth, NH. When we decided to get … Continue reading

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Another Take on Spanish Octopus

Here is Chef John’s approach, which I recently applied to 4 octopus legs from New Deal Fish Market: and the full recipe is here: I made this for lunch one afternoon, as shown below.

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Lunch with Gemma

Our friend Gemma is one person whose food and wine tastes resonate closely with ours, so I was delighted to get a message recently that she would come for a visit and stay for lunch. Her timing was excellent. I … Continue reading

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Since I’m a month and a half behind on my blogging, I make no pretense about maintaining chronological order — this is Catch-Up time! This first post is about two lunches this week, featuring a white wine from Piedmont, a … Continue reading

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Spanish Tortilla with Prosciutto

I have two reference points for Spanish cooking. One is Claudia Roden, an author with a wide range of cookbooks touching much of the Mediterranean. She is also the author of Food of Spain, a magnificent compendium with 609 pages … Continue reading

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Homemade Fettuccine with Oyster Mushrooms and Pancetta

Once again, I enjoyed a meal featuring homemade pasta and marvelous, fresh oyster mushrooms. I was feeling a bit bereft during August because my source for top-notch mushrooms was on vacation. Elizabeth Almeida, the entrepreneur and founder of Fat Moon … Continue reading

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The Bounty of Late August…

One of the great joys of late August in New England in the rich bounty of ripe vegetables and fruits at their peak conditions. If there is a tagline to this post, it would say, “how you cook it makes … Continue reading

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Tartine Einkorn Bread

I’ve been happily making my standard sourdough breads every three or four weeks for much of this year, so I recently decided to explore some new breads. Chad Robertson’s Tartine Book No. 3 has been on my shelf for some … Continue reading

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Clams and Linguine

I had a hankering for clams this weekend, so I bought a pound of Littlenecks (along with other seafood) on Saturday at New Deal Fish Market in Cambridge. As always, the quality was excellent. So Sunday’s lunch was relatively simple: … Continue reading

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